• Korpo Handel

Korpo Handel – Your Local Store in the Korpo Archipelago

Korpo Handel is one legend alive in the Korpo archipelago. The shop opened its doors for the first time in the fifties, and has ever since provided locals, tourists and travellers with excellent service and an ever-growing selection of goods. Merchant Jörgen grabbed the helm in 2008 and brought along his great enthusiasm and engagement.

Easy to reach, close to you

We have always been present right in the heart of Korpo village, easily accessible to anyone visiting Korpo. In fact, even blindfolded you wouldn’t miss us. We are exactly where we guess you’d like to be, right in the centre, easy to reach, close to you albeit far, and always with an excellent service and a smile on our face to make your day, too!

Korpohandel Webshop

Webshop & Deliveries

Through the online store you can order your goods either delivered home or for collection from the store.

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