Facilities & Services

The store in Korpo center

We are the local store that brought the selection from supermarkets and large stores to the archipelago, near you. With us, you can now find K-Plussa benefits, special offers, and K-chain services nearby, all while our shelves are stocked with local and locally-produced items.

We have most things for most people.

Despite our perhaps modest floor space of just 400 square meters, we have room for everything a modern store and a modern customer needs. We have refrigerated shelves and freezer sections, fresh bread and vegetables, household items, and gardening products, in short: everything you need for both the kitchen and the garden! And if you happen to miss anything, just grab our attention, and we’ll get it for you – nothing is too difficult for us. Our cash registers are new and modern, and they make the checkout process swift even during peak seasons – also an important part of the service, right?

When you shop, you should, of course, make a payment, and with us, you can do so with cash, Debit, Electron, and credit cards. Also, don’t forget to present your Plussa card when you pay; it’s worth money!

Our services and additional benefits

Online Store

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We also deliver to those of you who live in more remote areas. Simply order online or through the K-Ruoka app, and we will deliver the groceries to your doorstep. You can find more information about this in our online store section.


We have prepaid mobile and data subscriptions for sale. Additionally, we offer several of the most common rechargeable gift cards.

Gambling services


We are representatives of Veikkaus Oy, pools and lotto.

Liquefied gas

nestekaasu flytgas

We sell the most common models of liquefied gas. We also offer the option to exchange empty bottles.

Köp&Lyft Service

kop och lyft

The “Köp&Lyft” service makes life easier for you. We have become your virtual ATM. With us, you can withdraw cash using your domestic debit or Electron card at the same time as you do your shopping.

Fuel pump

On our premises, there is also an opportunity to refuel your car before you continue your journey, no matter where you are heading. We have card and cash machines for E98 and diesel, and these machines accept all domestic payment cards.

We are also a package point for;
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You can also send pre-purchased Matkahuolto shipments through us.
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