The Shop in Korppoo

We are the true Corner Shop evolved into a modern time supermarket – still retaining the right attitude of good local service, presence and accessibility. Since 2010 we are a K-market and part of the national K-chain. This means that we can provide you with not just local goods and happy smiles, but also anything “K”, i.e. special offers, the chain selection of quality, still affordable Pirkka products, and the advantages of using your Plussa Card. Next to all this, the range of locally sourced delicacies on our shelves will enchant you.
Our good baker Bagar Bengt brings in his freshly baked bread six days a week, and from the tiny bakery of Titti Bruun we get “the real thing”, i.e. the real, traditional archipelago bread. Locally grown veggies will make your heart beat faster by just the look of them. And best of all, even in the Internet era we offer service in a place where the word still has real meaning, instead of just being a framed word on the office wall!

Service and facilities

Despite of our perhaps restricted space of just 300 sqm, we still seem to house everything any modern store would need. We have the proper cold areas to keep the food fresh, and the tempting greengroceries and bread along with seasonal goods for home and garden, anything from soil for your flowerbed to the bulking for your dry toilet! And should you lack anything, just grab our shoulders and tell us about it. We’ll do anything in our powers to get the stuff you need, and, to be honest: nothing seems impossible to us. Our tills are modern, well equipped and fast to keep the wheels turning even in the high season – another crucial part of the good service we believe!
Before you head away, why not fill up the car, too? Our E98 petrol and diesel pumps are cash or card operated, and they accept all Finnish domestic cards.
You bend it, you buy it… just joking. Anyways, in Korpo Handel, payment is by cash, Debit, Electron, and credit cards. Please don’t forget to show your Plussa Card at the till, should you have one. It is worth money to you!


We are more than happy to deliver goods to even the most remote settings, as long as you are along the ferry routes of m/s Fiskö and m/s Eivor. Ordering is made easy; just give us a bell or send us an e-mail and we’ll take the bags to either of the ferries. Read more about the delivery service on deliveries.

We are representatives of Veikkaus Oy, pools and lotto.


The Köp&Lyft -service is our own virtual hole in the wall. If you have a Finnish Debit or Electron card you can actually raise some cash while paying for your shopping.


We take your empties, bottles and cans.

Package Point Services;

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You can also send pre-purchased Matkahuolto shipments through us.

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