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Order your goods directly online

You can find the online store at or download the K-Ruoka app and have the store on your phone in accordance with the following guide

Pickup from the Store

Do you want to save time and let us gather your purchases? Order pickup from the store, and you’ll have the goods delivered directly to your car. Place your order in the online store before 6:00 AM from Monday to Saturday and pick up the items on the same day. Multiple pickup times per day are possible. Pickup from the store costs 6,90€ or 2,90€ with the K-Plussa card.

Home Delivery

If you are unable to visit our store, no problem, we deliver goods to the following postal codes down below. Place your order in the online store before 6:00 AM and have them delivered the same day. Home delivery costs 10,90€-14,90€.

Korpo, postal code 21710 (10,90€)
Tuesdays 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Korpoström, postal code 21720 (10,90€)
Tuesdays 2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Fridays 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Norrskata, postal code 21750 (14,90€)
Summer 2024 – Wednesdays 1:30 PM-2:30 PM

Korpo Handel - Home Deliveries


We deliver according to the instructions below to the connection boats M/S Fiskö and M/S Utö. The customer is responsible for checking the ferry’s timetable and booking a trip if necessary. The store is responsible for the goods until they are loaded onto the boat.

Korpo Route (M/S Fiskö)

We deliver goods to M/S Fiskö on weekdays according to the ferry’s departure time, on other days only by agreement. For delivery to M/S Fiskö on Mondays at 10:00 AM, we request your order by Sundays at 12:00 PM. Otherwise, every morning at 6:00 AM. M/S Fiskö trips must always be ordered directly from the crew. The store is not responsible for the accuracy of the timetable.

Utö Route (M/S Utö)

We deliver product orders to M/S Utö, which departs on Fridays at 6:15 PM from Pärnäs, so we request your order no later than Fridays at 6:00 AM. (Wednesdays at 11:10 AM from Pärnäs, order from K-Market Nagu.) Delivery times may vary on holidays; please contact the store in such cases.

In special situations, such as technical problems with the online store, orders can also be placed by phone at 02-4635335 or by email at kristian.eklund [at]

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